cmAn interesting story is equally as important as a good recording when trying to understand musicians. This is certainly the case for French/Israeli duo Charlotte & Magon and their blend of electro-chillout grooves.  The two had been communicating for a few years via the internet and in march 2008 Charlotte flew over to Tel-Aviv for 12 days to finally meet Magon in the flesh.

The result of this rendezvous was majestic with the two artists discovering not just a musical affinity but, beyond their expectations, a blossoming romance. The aptly named ‘Love Happening‘ acts as a snapshot of their shared experiences during this period. Charlotte‘s voice floats over a backdrop of guitars, pianos, synths and other hidden gems bringing to mind Beth Gibbons‘ of Portishead in her full haunting quality. Musically the immediate reference point is the music of French legends Air. Indeed, some of the tracks could easily pass for bonus material to the illustrious duos 2007 release ‘Pocket Symphony.

‘Love Happening’ is the perfect score to document Charlotte & Magon‘s love.


Charlotte & Magon – Nine Cloud

Charlotte & Magondoublecougar