Candy Claws hail from Fort Collins in Colorado; if you are up to scratch with your US geography you will appreciate that the Centennial State is filled with natural resources and wonderful landscapes but certainly does not boast its own seafront, until Hollywood’s various doomsday prophecies come to  fruition, that is.

The bands debut ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’ was recorded in various global locations, specifically in places the band felt a strong link to, the album blends a series of electronic samples and recordings of natural sources to create a sound that is anything but artificial.

Inspired by the 1951 Rachel Carson book ‘The Sea Around Us’, the album is a bittersweet ode to the sea evoking the French electro twists pioneered Air (remember ‘Kelly Watch The Stars’?). The use of a vocoder for some of the vocals works is tasteful as is the frequently interlaced sound of the Indian Ocean recorded during the bands sessions in the Philippines.

Despite the significant nautical premise and the band citing of the Beach Boys as one of the bands chief inspiration, this album is a million knots away from the surf rock presented by the Wilson Brothers. Dive in at the deep end and explore it for yourself.


Review written by the relatively super Mario


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Candy Claws – Catamaran

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