STS9: Ad Explorata, Forward into the Unexplored

sts9Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) perfected their approach to mixing electronica and live band feel on their latest effort ‘Ad Explorata’, released last month.

Inspired by secret Cold War era radio transmissions and an alleged secret military plan to gather information on other civilizations, these are future sounds played with great self-assurance. STS9 manage to somehow sound both vaguely optimistic and apocalyptic at the same time.

with a string of US dates planned for February and March you really should catch their singular delivery


STS9 - Ad Explorata

Stream the album here


  • Allie

    Hey! Thanks for the post. I just got into sts9 they have a super interesting sound. Headed to see them Feb 12 be there or be square :)

    • cougarmicrobes

      Glad you liked it, really interesting music from that lot! thanks.