Warsaw based trio The Car Is On Fire are a little known gem, one of those bands you are smug to know about first. They are, for all intents and purposes a slightly jazzy Passion Pit…. with balls. Garage rock mixed with electro, heated with the warm fuzz of front man and bass player Kuba Czubak‘s lilting tones.

Following the success of the band’s self titled release in 2005 and its followup Lake and Flames in 2006, the band made a name for themselves in their native Poland and surrounding Europe. Their latest album release is an effort for the mainstream; In the best possible way of course.

With expert producer John McEntire at the helm, OMBARROPS! boasts strong songwriting and excellent melodies with a backing of angular guitars, synthesisers and a mixture of analog and digital percussion. Their creative blend of electro and analog instrumentation sounds are sure to grab the Listener’s attention.

Vocally the band are reminiscent of Lexy Benaim, of Harlem Shakes fame, nasal but colourful punk shouts, against a backdrop of optimistic electro-pop; Tracks like ‘Manuel‘ and the up-beat ‘Cherry Cordial‘ are highlights of this familiar, yet fresh sound.

The album bubbles into action with a low synth and marching beat before the familar TCIOF pop hooks begin combined with playful chants and xylophones. I think playful is a good term to describe this bands new body of work. Whilst keeping their claws firmly sunk into the under belly of pop the band demonstrates a childlike innocence in their creative approach.

The album’s title track is the track that you will be continuing to hear, with it’s catchy chants, keyboard pips and off-beat drum and bass grooves. Match this up with a video that can be described as positively surreal and you are on to a winner.

Post courtesy of the fantastic Mr Wicks


The Car Is On Fire

The Car Is On Fire – Ombarrops!