Darwin Deez have taken 2010 by storm with their own brand of “genius pop”. Using specially tuned 4 string electric guitars and lyrics inspired by children’s books they have managed to create a form of Indie rock pop that is unlike any other.

Tracks such as ‘Radar Detector‘, ‘Bad Day‘ and ‘Constellations’ are best described as musical earworms. They go in through the eardrum and then hit the brain where they will squirm around for days, weeks or months even. The album has garnered much success; gigs and festivals have been greeted with shoals of sing- along fans, tons of radio airplay not too mention an almost sold out UK tour, heck even hit shows like The Inbetweeners have enlisted their musical help.

And If that’s not enough they’ve added an unusual twist to their live performances by inserting random displays of Calisthenics to music from the likes of Miike Snow, The Pointers Sister and Beyoncé Knowles.

In short Darwin Deez have dropped like a musical hand grenade onto this year’s music scene and if you’ve think you’ve pulled out all the shrapnel think again, because we’ve got some knockout remixes for you.


Post by the inexhaustible Ruby