Maps & Atlases set aside their early math-rock tendencies for what an undoubtedly more accessible set of songs in 2010. The resulting album ‘Perch Patchwork‘ proved that the wild percussions and breakneck instrumental interchanges were not being entirely forgone by the band but instead were balanced with a knack for atmospherics and dynamics.

The shift from playing a thousand notes a minute to only revving it up at key segments is surprisingly smooth and frontman Dave Davison booming voice benefits most from the new found spotlight. Imagine Kings Of Leon’s Caleb Followill fronting a more daring Vampire Weekend and you may just begin to scratch the surface.

There is a lot going on on this album and it took me a few listens to digest it all but it is on the live stage that these songs truly begin to soar. With the band seemingly intent on recreating every note they recorded there is genuine tension and excitement in the air.

Add that to the fact they 4-pice are stand up guys and you have yourself a must hear album.


Perch Patchwork (Exclusive Version) - Maps & Atlases

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