Ever since I discovered them I have always had a particular affection for The Kills. Since 2003, the band always managed to release strong and inventive rock albums without ever crossing to the ‘mainstream’ as is done by oh so many bands ( a lesson to be learned Kings of Leon…) . Even if it is likely that guitarist Jamie Hince‘s relationship with Kate Moss has put some added spotlights on the duo they still maintain the same intimate and discreet band aesthetic that they had before fame came knocking.

Often compared to the White Stripes, largely because of their bluesy punk style and boy/girl dynamic, Jamie and Alison are definitely close to the talent Meg and Jack exhume. The Kills‘ previous albums have been critically acclaimed, with unforgettable tracks such as ‘U.R.A Fever‘, ‘Cheap and Cheerful‘ or ‘The Good Ones‘, and now they are back with a new album wholly meets expectations. Never have The Kills been so loud, so controlled, so good at embodying the meaning of a ‘tandem‘, and this album is majestic.

Blood Pressures‘ makes a striking entrance with the dramatic ‘Future Starts Slow‘, possibly my favourite song of the album along with ‘Satellite‘, and a perfect illustration of the power, anger and determination in Miss Alison Mosshart‘s voice. On ‘Satellite‘, their first single, Hince once again successfully proves that behind Kate Moss‘ future husband-to-be lies a talented guitarist who manages to make me shiver.

I was consequently surprised by ‘Wild Charms‘, a lovely ballad through which The Kills break up from their usual loud and bluesy sound. ‘Wild Charms‘ which is sang solely by Jamie Hince feels like a flower on a battlefield, a little moment of peace, which you know won’t last long, so you enjoy it as much as you can. It furthermore strangely reminds me of John Lennon‘s ‘Jealous Guy‘. However war ignites again with ‘DNA‘, and Mosshart definitely sounds like she is getting ready for blood.

All along the album, The Kills display an incredible ability to fuse both of their vocal ranges; his soft british accent and her strong sexy cry are like a guitar and its strings, inseparable and made for each other. The Kills are a perfect foil for eachother with the beautiful figure and charisma of Mosshart put forward on stage and Hince‘s discreet almost shy self hidden behind a guitar.

They complement each other perfectly and with subtlety, and the music world should be glad they found each other.


Post by Olivia



Blood Pressures - The Kills