You don’t have to be a forty year old at their own over blown Birthday party, drunk on gin to sob ‘This song was written all about me!

Some songs can just do that to you. The lyrics can echo your own glory or misery and the chord progressions can conjure up those images of the suburban ‘The Wonder Years‘ style Super-8 home movies (If a little gnarlier and less cupcake) or of your first shag in the bushes with the girl who knew some pretty perverted stuff for her age. Or something.

The song I am referring to is ‘Beavis‘, off Boolfight‘s latest effort ‘Multiple Devils‘.

Multiple Devils‘ is atmospheric and charming, and turns my listening to it on a warm, picturesque day, lieing in long grass into a hazy and apocolyptic grim fairy tale.

Boolfight‘s mix electro with Smith‘s style rock to perfection. They drop angular guitars and modern synths in the pot, to add to the potency of Kelvin Manu‘s inner monologue of human psychology and a head full of…Well multiple devils. “Behind my eyes, they dance” he dreads.

He has the demeanor of Morrisey with the imagination and manic ravings of Ian Curtis, his mourneful vocals are an authorititive whisper until they can’t take the inner turmoil anymore and wails chorus’ like ‘Knock yourself out, you can switch to the override mode‘ from ‘Override‘.

Manu‘s vocals are perfectly entwined in the mix, encouraging the listener to really pick out the writings of this trio of talented artists.

What’s great about this album is that it could see 50 percent slotted neatly in an 80’s John Carpenter movie but evokes an ear for more modern sounds with the remaining percent that could see it opening a modern indie movie with hip-kids and lots of ‘pondering scenes‘ over night landscapes. I mean this of course, in the best way possible, this album has alot to it not least the optmistic M83-like opener ‘Oh Forget It‘, before we tumble into Boolfight’s eerie and beautfiul world.

Clocking in at a modest 20 odd minutes, the EP closes with the beautifully surreal ‘Everybody Makes The Music‘ summing up what is a fascinating effort that makes an enjoyable task of trying to describe it with phrases like inaccessibly beautiful.


Post by T.R. Wicks