Ah summer time! Debating whether to get out of the sun for a few minutes to go get an ice cold beer because your just too ruddy comfortable. Your friends are all together in a summer oak meadow with a pair of speakers, a swimming lake and a sniff in the air that you might just get laid tonight.

Tieranniesaur fit those summer speakers perfectly. Some of the best booty-shaking, bowel movement assisting bass lines and the sweetest melodies from one of the most exciting acts of this year.

A duo who made a home made, self titled album that spiralled into a neat ten song album that could be played in a dirty club or a dance tent. It’s dirty and it’s disco, it’s slightly kitsch but it’s angular.

The opener, ‘Rockblocker’ is as catchy as it is grimy, a fantastic opener to this creative album. It’s a curious mix a low-fi Hot Chip with a duet between CocoRosie and Lykke Li.

Sketch!’ is an awesome little pop hit, playfully bouncing along to sweet vocal lilts and playful instrumentation.

Many of these tracks feature an almost African pop sense of melody, weaving it’s way in and out like Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’, as if you could hear most of these chorus’ being sang in a African choir and they would still be cool.

This is probably the best thing about this album, it’s almost child-like in its creativity but with an actually very complex engine of rhythms and sounds.

I Don’t Stop’ has a bass line that I wish I’d have written. It’s punk and it’s dance. It is ‘The Sex Bassline‘. It is probably that song that if you are sitting in that summer meadow with all your mates with the speakers and the lake and the sniff of getting laid, that you would make your move. The sun is going down and they’re all dancing and youre eyeing out the bird- Sort of like the beginning of Jaws, without Jaws obviously.

Here Be Monsters’ could be a remix by Jamie XX. Its subtle electronic twinkles are hypnotic against a strong simple beat, whilst ‘Remember My Name’ belongs on the soundtrack to ‘Little Big Planet’, it’s psychedelic vocals against a sunset backdrop and euro pop beat.

This is my favourite record this year and I’m not just saying that as it will help me get laid tonight. I do love summer.


Post by T.R Wicks