The Black Keys didn’t keep us waiting long for their new album reuniting with old co-conspirator Danger Mouse in the process. The album oozes retro flair but manages not to sound dated. There’s more than a knowing nod to the past but this isn’t a rehash of a bygone era but rather an exciting interpretation

El Camino‘ is further proof that the duo’s unlikely success is far from a fluke and the band are bound to play larger and larger audiences. The Keys have been working hard and no doubt in 2012 they will once again be cramming their instruments into their van, finding cheap car insurance and travelling to far off towns to export their brand of rock n roll.

Cougar writer Cole added this to his top 10 explaining “‘El Camino’ is not The Black Keys’ best album. Frankly I don’t know if The Black Keys have a best album. ‘Brothers’ allowed them into mainstream radio but that may not be a good thing.

The reason ‘El Camino’ made this top list is because The Black Keys can always fulfill my rock needs. Dan Auerbach’s voice is real and raw but never obnoxious. The energy is kept high throughout the disc with beat and riffs that are designed to kick your ass and get you past your most recent break up“.

New Cougar recruit Nicole added “in terms of coming up indie, making work with integrity and now finally hitting it big; Dan Auerbach‘s giving Ryan Gosling a run for the money. Oh yea, and the sex appeal too“.


The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

El Camino - The Black Keys