Cold War Kids‘ debut ‘Robbers & Cowards‘ is an album I have given numerous plays over the years and never get tired of. It’s follow up ‘Loyalty To Loyalty‘ left me bitterly disappointed as the Californians ditched much of the angular attack that had drawn me to them in the first place. I worried Cold War Kids would go the same way The Killers did.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to ‘Mine Is Yours‘ but after just a few minutes it was obvious this was a veritable return to firm.

Let’s be clear, the quirkiness that had originally endeared me to them is pushed to the background only occasionally popping its head out. In its place a new found pop sensibility and a constant delivery that actually works quite well.

Nathan Willett is still showcasing his lyrical wit with his distinctive drawl mentioning the economy, but the characters he invents here are projected onto a far more arena friendly territory.

So perhaps Cold War Kids have “sold out” so to speak and gone out searching for the spark that was at times so evident on their debut. Regardless, the result is a more consistant and enjoyable album.


Cold War Kids – Skip The Charades

Mine Is Yours - Cold War Kids