Das Racist‘s free 2010 mixtapes had critics and fans scratching their heads over whether the trio were for real. The release of their official album ‘Relax‘, while simultaneously resembling a series of elaborate in-jokes, suggests the trio are genuine enough.

The Brooklyn band spit over a series of jagged beats produced by the likes of Anand Wilder (Yeasayer), Blood Diamonds, Diplo, El-P and Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and still maintain that unique Das Racist charm.

Check the track ‘Michael Jackson‘ for example. They are in top form both when linking up seemingly nonsensical one-liners into genial verses or when reeling off on social/racial issues. This latter point is one that shouldn’t be underestimated as the Brooklynites challenge preconceptions on color and creed as well as what a rapper should behave/look like.

On your list of things to do for 2012 should be buying a copy of ‘Relax‘. It represents the moment Das Racist prove their underground success wasn’t merely a fluke.


Das Racist – Rainbow in the dark

Relax - Das Racist