considering Jamie Hince‘s extended stint in the tabloid papers and Alison Mosshart‘s largely enjoyable The Dead Weather project The Kills may have been forgiven for losing focus once it came down to the business of recording music again. Instead with the release of ‘Blood Pressures‘ the duo returned with a bag full of attitude and some of their sharpest tracks to date.

Our girl Olivia added them to her Top 10 describing them as “One of the hottest, most sexual rock duo at the moment, the mix of Mosshart‘s moan and charisma and Hinge‘s guitar riffs still works wonders. This album actually sounds quite like 2008’s ‘Midnight Boom‘.

Perhaps it’s not their best work to date but remains quite the empowering album, with great tracks such as ‘Satellite‘, ‘Future Starts Slow‘ and ‘DNA‘ demonstrate particular flair“.

Nicole further discussed that “it should come as no surprise that a band named The Kills gravitates towards dark, gritty sounds on their latest album, ‘Blood Pressures‘. 

I can picture the title displayed in classic horror movie-style font. It seems a perfect combination of words for the duo, and certainly confirms their fascination with macabre subject matter.

Mosshart goes goth with lyrics like, “Baby says if ever you see skin/as pale or eyes as deep and as black as mine/ I’ll know you’re lying”, and it’s never been hotter. Meanwhile, Hince lays down such cool guitar riffs that you’ll feel like you’re part of The Brat Pack (see tracks “Baby Says” and “You Don’t Own The Road”).

I’ll also divulge that I found my musical soul mate on this album – “D.N.A” is one of the catchiest and most rhythmic songs I’ve heard all year. It had me at “hello” (i.e. when I saw them perform it at Emo’s during SXSW ‘11)“.


The Kills – Future starts slow

Blood Pressures - The Kills