A double album in this day and age is perhaps a tad over ambitious but if anyone could have pulled it off it had to be monsieur Anthony Gonzalez of M83 fame.

For his sixth album outing Gonzalez succeeding in making an album that would satisfy his loyal internet following as well as imprinting itself on the minds of causal listener. The result is a flurry of vaguely related genres delivered with majestic quality.

Our boy Thom said that “the sound of M83 can both rush me back to my eighties upbringing whilst harmoniously keeping my spirits high for the whole of the music industry. ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming‘ was as epic as the title suggests. ‘Midnight City‘ was my favorite single of the year“.

Olivia then concluded sweetly saying she “could go on and on about this album but I’ll make it short : it simply is my favourite for this year and probably one of the most breathtaking album I have ever listened to. Anthony Gonzalez at his best!’


Midnight City by M83

Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. - M83