Metronomy‘s 3rd release seems distant from the discopop the band first made their name for. Frontman Joseph Mount re-imagines his home town of Totnes in Devon as a sun kissed and hip destination where people come to relax and forget about their troubles.

It may be slightly removed from the truth, global warming permitting, but this thematic idea acts as the pillar upon which the band build their pop gems.

Cougar writer Olivia said of ‘The English Riviera‘ that “Metronomy‘s style keeps on changing or rather ‘evolving’ as band members come and go, so sometimes it’s quite difficult to follow. ‘The English Riviera‘ sounds nothing like their previous albums, but rather resembles something Hot Chip or Phoenix would cook up.

The music encompasses both dance and indie music building on a basic beat and catchy vocals. It’s a simple formula but it definitely works“.


Metronomy – The Bay

Metronomy – The Look

The English Riviera - Metronomy