ANOTHER releases debut LP ‘Since June’

Douglas McGillivray, a.k.a ANOTHER has just released his first LP and my little finger tells me that this little beauty should not go unnoticed. As a matter of fact I think it’s probably the freshest, most genuine music I have heard in a long time.

Since June‘ offers a lovely mix of synths, electronic beats and acoustic guitar, with a delicate voice thats blends in perfectly. He describes his music as ‘ Intimate Ocean Pop‘, and I think that suits it perfectly. In my mind his music is very similar to that of Phoenix, and I definitely wish him the same success as the parisian band.

You can tell that this was not produced by some big label and the sounds do tend to be a bit rough at some moments , but for someone who recorded everything in his bedroom, I have to say the results are superb.

This record is quite eclectic, and stretches from electronic vibes on ‘ Same To You‘ and ‘Night‘ to dancy/surfy/pop ballads on ‘Night‘ or ‘Maika‘ , and finally to calmer songs that embody the message of hope and positivity that he is trying to convey through his music.

Truly a great record.


Review by Olivia



Same To You by ANOTHER

 Night by ANOTHER