We gotta keeper! “Fameoff Santigold‘s new album ‘Master of My Make-Believe‘ is a major standout even amongst a clamoring of other vibrant tracks. This jam is one of those slow, grinding types that’s got rhythm hidden in places you’d least expect it. Its chorus will have you contorting to keep up with the groove. In other words – it’s the best kind of dance track!

You hear a definite world music influence on the track’s intro, with a bad girl attitude, M.I.A. vibe, but once that slow jam of a chorus sets in – game over – this track exists in it’s own glory.

Check out the excellent remix by Calfiornian DJ/Producer Psy Fi below. 


Post by Nicole @nikki_redhead



badge itunes lrg Santigolds Fame is a big hit

doublecougar Santigolds Fame is a big hit