School is Cool give us a reason to explore their album ‘Entropology’ with their first UK single release. A bittersweet dose of masterful baroque-pop, the Belgians celebrate 2012’s alleged Mayan apocalypse early with ‘The World Is Gonna End Tonight’.

Sprightly strings wrestle with downbeat vocals as lead singer Johannes Genard contemplates the futility of petty strife in the face of impending disaster. Reminiscent of Biffy Clyro, its sombre words juxtaposed against bright summer pop seem to come straight from the school of ELO maestro Jeff Lynne.

Is it a feelgood hit of the summer? It could be, just as long as you don’t make plans for 2013.

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The World Is Gonna End Tonight by SCHOOLISCOOL

The World Is Gonna End Tonight - Single - School Is Cool