Bearing in mind the sound of now seems heavily rooted in the 80’s with its big drums, stadium sized moog synths and echoey guitars, we think we have found the coolest band to represent it.

Cougar favourites Friends new video for the single ‘Mind Control‘ is every bit as cool as it’s predecessorI’m His Girl‘- with images faceless business men, CCTV cameras, Twilight Zone style eyes, combining Bauhaus post modern art with 80’s sci-fi, nodding to movie classics like Scanners and They Live.

The song itself blends gorgeous twanging single notes with Cocteau Twins style hollerings, addictive bongo assisted beats and the confidence and bohemian edge of Cindy Lauper. This song could easily be an early 80’s Brooklyn hipster tune bleating out from a ghetto blaster on a high window sill.

It is out rightly sexy and effortlessly cool.


Post by T.R. Wicks@TRWicks



Friends – Mind Control

Manifest! - Friends