I have a confession to make. Having scored tickets for the 5th edition of Hop Farm festival  I was scared off by this year’s constant British rain and started to get cold feet (literally). Having opted to watch it from the comfort of my living room I decided it would be a crime to lose the weekend tickets.  Fortunately Thom was available and willing to go along and hold the Cougar Microbes flag up high.

We decide we would communicate using our new BT broadband and phone packages. This way we were both happy; I was dry at home getting on with publishing posts on the blog while he was out in a muddy field seeing some great bands! It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago he would have been out of touch for much of the weekend while I would be waiting on the dull dial tone of my modem to get a glimpse of info, if any. This time he was posting photos, sending through draftsm checking his email and taking advantage of the net over the weekend.

Over the weekend he was able to see legends of the calibre of Bob Dylan, who was playing his sole UK show this year, as well as the likes of punk-poet Patti Smith, Hip Hip originators Kool And The Gang and innovator Peter Gabriel backed by his New Blood Orchestra. Additionally, acts such as Slow Club, Damien Rice and The Futureheads provided an outlet for anyone born post 1978.

For much of the weekend it felt like I was there with Thom giving him tips as he sent along images and tales of festival madness. I kept him organised never missing a stage time and getting ample warning of any change in the weather conditions and in exchange  all he had to do was send me some hilarious commentary!

Expect a full festival review shortly.