Last year we interviewed Little People, AKA Laurent Clerc, hot on the heals of a fantastic Los Angeles performance with an audience eagerly awaiting his every tune. With his last album ‘Mickey Mouse Operation‘ having been released back in 2006 there a great air of anticipation into what the musician/producer would do next.

It’s taken a little longer than expected but last month’s follow up ‘We Are But Hunks Of Wood‘ doesn’t betray expectations. Clerc‘s downtempo mastery is very much still on display but this time round he seemingly has more artillery at his disposal. While not forgoing the unmissable piano melodies that so much of ‘Mickey Mouse Operation’ was built on this new album seems to be leap forward in instrumentation and timing.

We Are But Hunks Of Food‘ works as a complete album because each track offers plenty of highlights without ever outlasting it’s welcome. the introduction of strings and chimes on several tracks is a real statement of intent allowing for dramatic mood changes and elegant shifts in dynamics. Clerc‘s love for hip-hop can not be ignored either as his beats are meticulously crafted to perfectly complement the rest of his output.

Little People has succeeded in producing an electro album that is not restricted to this genre tag and does not necessarily coform to what is going on with the musical landscape in 2012. ‘We Are But Hunks Of Wood‘ is an album you can listen to in a crowd or alone. Satisfaction guaranteed.


We Are But Hunks of Wood - Little People