Tiny Fingers made people standup and take notice with their 2011 release “Massive Fingers Spacetrip” which deservedly got the band attention in their native Israel. Earlier this year they followed it up with “Foreign Telegrams“, an album conceived and recorded in one intense session.

The genre hopping outfit continue their prolific spree re-emerging last month with what is surely their most ambitious project to date. Recorded in a single take, “MEGAFAUNA” shows a band that clearly thrives in the pressure cooker environment of the studio delivering a brilliant dose of post-rock and electronic sounds with grooves the size of the Grand Canyon.

Whilst their music will undeniably be a little heavy for some listeners there is a keen sense of melody throughout the project bringing to mind a cross between Planes Mistaken For Stars and The Mars Volta. The latter is not a completely casual reference as the El Paso superstars hand-picked Tiny Fingers as their support act during their israeli tour.

With dates in New York City for CMJ already under their belt and plans for a US and Scandinavian tour to come you can expect Tiny Fingers to continue rising and on the basis of their recent output will likely surprise us with at least a couple more genre-bending releases in 2013.

MEGAFAUNA” is out now and will be released via YouTube in its entirety with the three-piece promising further track leaks in the next few weeks.