First Aid Kit started very young and were only 19 and 17 when they released their first LP. The Swedish siblings have evolved over time and teaming up with producer and Bright Eyes member Mike Mogus has seemingly brought increased focus to ‘The Lion’s Roar‘ making it a timeless record.

Olivia added ‘The Lion’s Roar‘ to her top 10 saying “I’ve followed First Aid Kit ever since hearing their cover of Fleet Foxes‘ beautiful song ‘Tiger Peasant Mountain Song‘ back in 2008. What instantly appealed to me was the maturity and sincerity of their lyrics, the fact that they appear so young and innocent, but manage to convincingly sing about sombre ‘adult’ themes and, in general, convey sadness/pain.  I’ve enjoyed their development but this album is by far their best achievement; it’s simply better, more polished, more mature; and their already near-perfect voices sound steadier, more consistent“.

Jazmin agreed commenting “Dreamy Scandinavian indie pop is pretty much one of my favourite things, and this First Aid Kit album is a beyond perfect example of that. The kind of album that’s perfect in summer or winter, with amazing vocals and beautiful melodies. Plus I pretty much could listen to ‘Emmylou‘ on repeat for forever“.

Nicole also included this album in her top ten describing them as “young folk duo, these sisters out of Sweden offer easy listening, nostalgic of simpler times. I’ve always got room for more of this in my repertoire“.