Beach house bloom

Beach House returned after the success of 2010’s ‘Teen Dream‘ with an album that potentially surpasses its predecessor. The Baltimore duo are perpetually filed under the “dream pop” label but ‘Bloom‘ not only showed that no one did it better in 2012 but, crucially, pushed the genre into new sonic landscapes.

Victoria LeGrand and Alex Scally display an assured conviction in their craft throughout as tracks like the sumptuous opener “Myth, “Lazuli” and “Troublemaker” offer hypnotic melodies that glide and soar hitting all the right spots. Perhaps more than ever before Beach House have recorded a release that is more than just a collection of songs but rather a complete record.

Some long term fans may miss the bedroom tinkering that characterised earlier Beach House releases but the duo have grown into an all together more timeless sound and their ambition to push their boundaries should be lauded.

Like those wonderful sped up videos of plants blooming each track on ‘Bloom‘ will grow on you slowly before blossoming in all its glory.



 Bloom - Beach House