Following on from the XX‘s decade defining eponymous début everyone was curious to know what the trio’s next move would be.  There was almost hushed reverence when they announced their comeback with first single “Angels.

Coexist’ is an overwhelming success with a melancholic, bleak landscape of sparse sounds portraying the distance felt between once lovers who share no common ground but a past. Each listen reveals another hidden layer of Romy and Oliver’s longing and the efficacy of the concept is beautifully curated by Jamie’s minimalist but enchanting production” said Cougar staffer Sam.

Thom added that ‘Coexist‘ was that “blissful mix of distant minimalist echoes and frugally dispatched beats. The genius of The xx is that they don’t know they are geniuses, therefore there is never an ego in sight but just a shed load of passion and reverb. “Fiction” and “Reunion” were simply inspiring”.

Mario concluded that “the English trio passed the complicated test of following up on the success of their self-titled début with a record that is perhaps less rhythmical than it’s predecessor but is far more intimate and nocturnal“.



Coexist - The xx