If there is a musical equivalent to ADD they may as well call it Chris Holmes syndrome. The man (allegedly) screwed with the major label system in the 90’s, played with fellow Chicagoans Smashing Pumpkins during their last proper hurrah and released 2011 criminally underrated ‘American Sunshine album with his long running project Ashtar Command.

Now living in L.A. Chris is a fixture at some of the best and most fun nights the city has to offer. As part of the DJ collective The Embassy he’s regularly taking over some of Hollywood‘s hottest venues and in my opinion few people “understand” a room as well. Oh, and he’s also the opening act for Sir Paul McCartney….

Chris has been all over the world as part of his duties for the fab one customising his set with local covers and remixes for each continent. After being asked over and over again he’s finally released his definitive Beatles/Paul McCartney/Wings mix.

With such a large catalogue to pick from it is as brilliant as you would expect.