It has been a phenomenal year for Kiwi teen sensation Lorde. Her debut album ‘Pure Heroine‘ shot to the top of the charts upon release with her particular brand of electropop containing more longevity (and crucially more heart) than Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the likes. People are definitely taking notice as evidenced by the fact that the Vevo website crashed when Lorde dropped her video for “Team” earlier this week. This is a welcomed return for teenage pop with a little bit of weight. TRACKS: doublecougar

  • Ben

    The quality of the audio file on that SoundCloud posting of the song is awful. Borderline unlistenable.

    • cougarmicrobes

      Thanks for the heads up. Will switch it with a different soundcloud file.

    • cougarmicrobes

      Thanks for the heads up. Just switched it round.

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