Under all of the glossy, 80’s inspired euphoria, Chvrches simply write great songs. 2015’s ‘Every Eye Open‘, the follow up to the 2013 debut ‘The Bones Of What You Believe‘ was very simply a stronger slice of pop. Every single chorus is colossal and single worthy. Every emotion is conveyed with more depth and each arrangement more serving of the song over style. That is not to say they have lost anything in the style department. Chvrches still out-1980’s M83, the Flashdance soundtrack and a prawn cocktail, all with reverberated abandon.

Emily chimed “if you were hoping for a more complex, evolved Chvrches sound for their sophomore album, you might not find it here. But who would want that, really? The trio sticks to their considerable strengths with lush synth-pop and Lauren Mayberry‘s vibrant, punchy vocal delivery, and I’m happy to say that this album is every bit as magical as their first. “Clearest Blue” feels like the band’s climactic take on pop anthems of yesteryear”.

Yifat quickly added that “despite not being a huge fan of happy songs and/or synth-pop, this band made me fall in love with it. Lauren‘s vocals are piercing through and I found myself drawn to this album and playing all of it time after time without getting bored. If that doesn’t imply it’s a favorite album, then i don’t know what does.

Valya concluded that “Chvrches has managed to create a self produced musical masterpiece. Their electro pop mystical sound is something of another world taking you to a realm full of kaleidoscopes and stardust. Despite the light and fluffy beats if you listen closely the lyrics are actually very dark in describing relationships, reconciliation, and devastation. In my mind they have separated themselves from the likes of Passion Pit, Disclosure, and Purity Ring and have, as they claim, made themselves gold.