1. Boxed In – Boxed In

Benefiting from having his own space, Oli Bayston has penned a piano-led joyful tour de force through indie electronica heartland.

2. Wombats – Glitterbug

Returning with a long-prepared third album, ‘Glitterbug‘ leaves melodies in your ears long after its last play ensuring this was an album to return to throughout 2015.

3.Rival Consoles – Howl

Brooding and pensive, ‘Howl‘s crisp analogue electronics fluidly move between heavier percussive elements and joyous fanfares with meticulously timed rhythmic idiosyncrasies.

4. Young Fathers- White Men Are Black Men Too

Outspokenly political, Young Fathers push into genres far beyond where their punk attitude would suggest they stay.

5. Real Lies – Real Life

An album to address the disenchanted generation the world conspired to keep in their twenties indefinitely, who you’ll still find partying despite being in the amid the small-town mentalities and big-corporation exploitation.

6. Benjamin Clementine – Cornerstone

Powerful, respectful and yet so filled with sorrow, Benjamin Clementine‘s sees the world with the weariness of a man much older than his bittersweet voice would suggest.

7. The Districts – Flourish and a Spoil

8.Foals – What Went Down

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9. Floating Points – Elaenia

Confidently introverted, Elaenia is a rich tapestry taking influences from much further afield than its ambient nature would suggest, rarely forcing itself upon you, its strength lies in the layers which emerge on repeated listens.

10. Unknown Mortal Orchestra