Austin based band Safe Places don’t like to reveal much about themselves. Sometimes it’s best to let the music do the talking and if their musical output continues in the vein of their first two tracks then that mission has been more than accomplished.

Imagine if you will My Bloody Valentine arm wrestling with The Killers. “Wild Ride” (as it’s title suggests), is a sweeping track that, while being buried in noisy guitars , manages to shine through with a timeless melody. Beneath all the noise there is an undeniable pop sensibility that peaks with the track’s chorus. “Reunion” slows down the pace a little bit but it’s keys possess all the required qualities to make you fall in love with it.

Perhaps Safe Places are not quite the finished article yet but with a 3-track EP due for the summer I’m hoping these guys turn out to be the proverbial rough diamond we all love to root for. In the meantime we’ve got 2 tracks that get better with every listen.