The American author John Green once wrote “Some people have lives; some people have music.” Adina E. may well be a rare case of someone who has succeeded in having both.

Surprisingly, despite possessing a a captivating and assured voice that sounds like it’s been “played” since forever, Adina came to music at a time when many artists would consider hanging their microphone up. Perhaps this relatively late emergence is responsible for the confidence this track possesses having given the artist time to consider exactly what she wanted to produce.

Always‘ is a casual but never banal track that flows through the speakers in fairy tale fashion. The arrangements are unique enough to have you return for subsequent listens yet a familiar sound that will make feel like you’ve heard the track before.

AdinaE - Always Single Cover 416x416

The video itself, which is a part of trilogy of singles/videos she is planning to release in 2016, follows the fairy tale theme to perfection lending a dreamlike visual quality that sits hand in hand with the sound.

Let’s face it, Adina E. is unlike most of the artists releasing music in 2016, both due to her personal story and the fact that her music can loosely be labelled under the “Adult Contemporary” category. Despite all that ‘Always‘ proves to be highly accomplished and most importantly worth repeated listens.