Cale and The Gravity Well is the new alt-folk project presented by frontman Cale Bonderman coming straight out of NYC. “So Many Lashes” is his debut release and upon first impressions it’s a track that screams American indie. Anyone reading this website semi-regularly will know that this is a good thing in our mind.

The track comes out of the starting blocks with intent, an infectious mix of dirty guitars and a distant keyboard melodies setting the tone for things to come. The vocals kick in and an infectious immediacy takes over the song reminiscent of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at their very best.

Bonderman has more tricks up his sleeve showcasing a deceptively upbeat chorus raises the bar coming straight out of the Modest Mouse playbook. It’s almost impossible not to find yourself singing along to this part and I can imagine this gets crowds jumping up and down when played live. I counted at least 5 variations in the track going in different directions; none of which seem out of place or too showboaty. Throughout Bonderman‘s vocals are upfront and raw sounding like no word was left to chance.

With production work from D.C. music powerhouses Nate Bergman and Chris Brooks (formerly of Lionize) it feels like “So Many Lashes” is a deliberate statement of intent from Cale and the Gravity Well and we look forward to hearing more from this project