After mesmerizing us at their recent Washington DC performance we caught up with trap duo Gypz to discuss trap music, women in the industry and their local scene. It went a little like this:

Cougar Microbes: Care to give up some background about yourselves?

GYPZ: We are both students at Towson University (juniors going into senior year). We were random roommates our freshman year which is how we met and started raving together. We’re both originally from bum fuck Maryland– cornfields, tractors, etc. we bonded through our love of trap.

CM: What time did you wake up today? Was it out of choice or necessity?

G: Katy woke up at 11am by choice. She woke up Brielle at 12 with a trap horn (not by choice) bc we are headed to Virginia to work on some stuff at a friend’s studio.

CM: How did you two get together and decide to start making music?

G: Like we stated earlier, we were random roommates our freshman year in college. Katys real name is Katherine and Brielle‘s is Gabrielle so we couldn’t find each other on social media before meeting so we both thought the other was a weirdo. Once we met and realized we were actually awesome (obviously) we started going to a bunch of shows around DC and Baltimore bc we had both raved in high school- that’s what really started our bond. About halfway through our sophomore both of us had this realization that there were not enough women in the industry (especially with trap music). We’d be at shows and we’d be like damn we play better music than these dudes so why aren’t we doing it? So we went and bought a mixer in the end of May and started practicing. We started at house parties, then local bars, and then began producing just a few weeks after buying the mixer.

CM: Why trap?

G: There’s no reason why it’s just a musical preference that we both share. I guess that the time we got into the edm scene trap was up and coming so we started hearing it at shows and it stuck with us. There’s not other music like it. It’s intense, obnoxious, and moving all at the same time. It puts people in a completely different mood that’s so unique compared to the other subgenres of edm like house and dub step- although we do play our fair share of dub. It turns the rave into a ghetto ratchet house party which is exactly what we want to see when we’re playing.

CM: How did you settle on naming yourselves GypZ?

G: Basically people at our college thought we were insane because we were always traveling around to different shows and listening to hard trap music so they referred to us as the “band of gypsies.” When we finally decided that we were going to do something with our music and needed a combined name we both agreed instantly that GypZ described us the best.

CM: I know you have a pretty interesting story about how and where you first started out playing music, care to tell us about that?

G: So our first real consistent gig was at this tiny Mexican joint in ocean city, Maryland called Guido’s Burridos. We would play every Tuesday night and it was absolutely absurd. There would be families eating tacos and drinking margs and we’d just be posted behind a make shift booth made out of tables pushed together dropping trap and dubstep. Looking back it was ridiculous. But that’s what really got us mixing music In a unique way. So s/o burritos.

CM: What have been the highlights of your year (musically) so far?

G: That’s a tough question. A year ago we would have NEVER imagined us where we are now. This time last year we were mixing at a burrito joint. Now we’re traveling and playing the music we love to play and our production is improving along the way. We actually just got our first cross-country gig in Dallas, Texas and that has been a huge accomplishment for us. We also just played our first music festival, Dreamscape, and that was an incredible experience. Honestly everyday we have at least one moment when we turn to each other and say “how did we get here?” Not to mention all of the friends we’ve made in the scene just from being around so much in a year. The support is incredible and we couldn’t ask for a better edm fam.


GYPZ live

CM: How does it feel that one of the first big shows you ever played was a sold out event?

G: Fucking awesome. That show was our first show where we really felt the energy of the crowd and worked hard to get them there. It was cool bc we used to go to shows at U-Street all the time so playing there as direct support for Troyboi was something we will never forget. We are also HUGE TroyBoi fans since freshman year of college and that was actually the first time we’ve seen him live. If we had never gotten into DJing we still would have been at that show trappin out in the crowd so it’s crazy to think that we opened it.

CM: Where do you see yourselves going music wise? Are you thinking of touring soon or working on new projects?

G: We’re honestly doing everything all at once. If we’re not playing shows were constantly working on our own music. Touring is definitely in the near future because we need to get our name out there but music production will be a priority the entire time.

CM: What do you do when you’re not living the trap life?

G: We didn’t chose the trap life, the trap life chose us. We will always be living the trap life even if we’re not traveling playing trap music. It literally is a lifestyle. We’re never not trapping. It’s consumed our lives at this point so I don’t think we’ll ever get to a point where we’re not involved in some way.

CM: What was the last song that got stuck in your head?

G: “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. We’ve been singing it all day.

CM: Any other artists/bands from your local scene we really should know about?

G: There’s so many incredible artists in this area. Tre justice and Dom & Serg are both killing the production right now. Toymaka, Cezar, and Delta Nine are also incredible artists and Kayoh KILLS the production. One of his songs is in our new mix (Stay Hype V. IV) and he has been traveling around making hella moves. Our good friend Guru Pryme is an incredible rapper and has been busting out some dope shit lately. Our boys Evan Riley, Cosenza, and Dime Bag outta philly are also extremely talented and have been taking over the philly scene. Honestly there’s so much talent in this area there’s too many to name. We’re so blessed to be surrounded by such creativity and positivity. that’s what motivates us the most.