Stephen Douglas Wolfe is a product of the same Lawrence, Kansas scene that brought us  early 00’s faves The Get Up Kids and The Anniversary. . As part of his bands Getaway Driver and Cavaliers he toured extensively and was involved with albums that read like a veritable who’s who of the local scene. Stephen relocated to New York City, eventually got married and shifted his songwriting to a more introspective approach in the mould of Elliott Smith.

Window” was our first introduction to his new work and it completely does justice to his new repertoire. Built on a lullaby-esque vocal melody the track builds and builds without ever disappointing. In the hands of a lesser artist the choice of instrumentation, and indeed the extended outro, may have come across as pretentious but Stephen pulls it off with a enviable charm. It feels like no element is left to chance; from the subtle brass crescendos to the winning bass line to the moody guitars right down to the warm vocal take.

Listen to Stephen Douglas Wolfe once and you will be humming his tracks for weeks.

(Stay tuned as we post an interview we conducted over the summer with Stephen soon)\