Paliki is a new project coming to us from Italy. Following the breakup of Mariano Felisio‘s previous band he began amassing a sizable amount of ideas, riffs and lyrics. After a 2 year hiatus from music he decided he would play record and produce every sound on his upcoming release.

So far under his new moniker Paliki he has kept rather mysterious teasing a (brilliantly titled) album called ‘Radiornot‘ due out soon. For now all we have is the debut single “Tension“, luckily for Felisio the track is a blistering 3 minute ride that builds up tension before exploding out of the speakers.

The accompanying video is compelling viewing featuring a string of emoticons narrating the lyrics, often in hilarious fashion.

With a full band backing him and a European tour scheduled for 2017 we hope to get to see Paliki on our shores soon and can’t wait to hear more from the upcoming album.