We first came across PAPA back in 2013 at SXSW when they delighted with an enthralling performance at the old Cheer Up Charlie’s. Since then we’ve been keeping tabs on the LA outfit waiting for the a follow up to the excellent “A Good Woman Is Hard To Find“.

That follow up is finally out in the shape of recently of the Shawn Everett produced ‘Kick At The Dust‘ and we couldn’t be giddier. The band, consisting of vocalist and drummer Darren Weiss and bassist Danny Presant, are coming out against the trappings of fame and how in the modern day entertainment industry the bottom dime is more important than artistic integrity. Recent single “Comfort’s A Killer” in a upbeat number that warns against getting too complacent in this environment.

Weiss muses:

“Seems to me that if you work hard enough for security and comfort in this live, you might get it. But after you do, you’ll probably look around, cross eyed with boredom and say, ‘What for?’ When a shark stops swimming forward it’s dead. Same goes for artists. And I ain’t no shark, man.”

Kick At The Dust‘ is out now on Hit City U.S.A.