Pembroke is a band based in Paris, France made up of Ellen Quinn Banville and Finola Cahill, both originally from Ireland. “Shut The Door” is the first single from their their new album “At Sea“. The whole album has been produced independently, and features production from Steven Forward, a renowned music producer who has previously worked with big artists such as Paul McCartney and Ray Charles.

Shut the Door’ is one of those magical productions that you just can’t stop listening to. The audio is laced with evocative lyrics and acoustic stylings. It is a simple melodic approach that creatively blends Finola Cahill’s beautiful lyrics with Ellen’s captivating voice. The track is a smooth number that sticks in your mind once you listen to it and creates a soothing ambience in your ears. The acoustic guitar blends well with the lyrical material and it makes you crave for more becoming one of those songs you want to keep on playing forever.

The video to the song is appealing too. It is entertaining to watch, beautifully created, and features a girl dancing with a hula hoop. The simplicity of the visuals the audio and enhances the beauty of the song. It is a lovely piece that keeps the attention of the listener.

Pembroke has put in a lot of effort in producing this and you cannot doubt the level talent the band has when you listen to the final output. They have demonstrated massive skill in composing a catchy singable melody, considering that the song has a simplistic harmonic structure.

We enjoyed listening to their music and cannot wait for ‘At Sea‘ to be released. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this talent and so should you.