Some songs were composed to be at full volume in a vast hall and yelled along to by boys and girls alike, screaming at the top of their lungs all the pent up emotions; the frustration, the heartbreak, the sexual tension, the guilt, the shame, the empathy and the bliss. Some songs can deliver this. “YSKBN“, or “You Should Know By Now”, by The Gifted“, featuring Jamie Jackson is one of these.

The Gifted are a Los Angeles based production team consisting of Louis Castle and James Bairian. They blend anthemic vocal melodies with the communal spirit of indie rock, to the modern post-dub clicks and beats and minimalist keys and twinkles that make this track positively shine.

Most importantly though, you can tell this track was fun to make. It bounces, swells and releases with abandon, upping energy at every turn, the constant being that emotional deliver from Jamie Jackson that won’t sound out of place being bellowed from many a car window at night sometime soon.

This track would sit nicely along Portland post-punk revivalists Pretty Girls Make Graves discography. This is surely the one that should put The Gifted on the map.