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For his sophomore album London based singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka delivered the soul album 2016 and set himself up to follow in the steps of past musical greats.

contributor Roger Jao featured the album in his end of year list stating “There’s a difference between being retro and being timeless, and this is a timeless soul record. The lyrics. The gravitas of his voice. The soaring strings and background vocals. The depths of the grooves he creates. Kiwanuka’s work recalls such legendary songs as “Inner City Blues” and “Walk On By”, but he does it smoothly and on his own terms“.

Cougar regular T.R. Wicks added “midway through the title track for Michael Kiwanuka‘s ‘Love & Hate‘ album the British singer pronounces ‘You can’t break me down’. Metaphorically, he is exactly right. This is an artist who can turn his hand to anything and make it stunning and divine. Indeed, on this release Kiwanuka sets himself up as the heir apparent to the likes of Bill Withers, Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes. And yet, all of these ten anthems are undeniably Michael Kiwanuka, a mighty songsmith and a talent I can’t wait to see more of”.

Released on the 15th of July by Polydor Records