Sometimes songs hit that place in the cul-de-sac of your soul that makes you want to shut out the world and dance. And sometimes songs simply just get it right. Dwai‘s minimalist and sensual groove ‘I Got You‘ does just that.

Perfectly chosen chord progressions, below classic early naughties chill-out guitar ambiance, acting as a wave to the hushed but urgent cooing of the distant female vocal. Ripples of vocal and synth wash over the controlled low-end, resulting in a perfectly concise three minutes of lust and quite astounding pop.

As the first single from producer Daniel Scott‘s upcoming debut EP, ‘I Got You’ is a perfect stand alone single. Taking influences from Zedd, Tyco, and Odesza, Scott states that he wants to “break barriers and unite people with my music“, a theme that is apparent in this sonically very human fragility. “We’re all human“, he states, “put-together or in shambles“.

Some songs do something beautiful to you that you can’t explain. The repeated vocal lilts ‘I Got You‘. It did just that. If you need me I’ll be dancing in my pants in my bedroom to this on repeat whilst it does that thing to me that I can’t explain.