After 11 listens in a row to Oya Paya‘s new tune ‘Just Around The Bend‘ I’ve realised I am addicted to their mix of whispered lullabies, international mish-mash of chord changes and mischievous demeanour.

With the cool breeze jam of bands like Pinback and Beach House, Liverpool based Oya Paya never over crowd the song, and seem to know exactly what to say and where; An ever changing guitar arpeggio sits upon a steady bass and drum groove with subtle keyboard and backing vocals ever so delicately peppering the outer layers of this very neat and bewitching gem.

Oya Paya describe their style simply as ‘spice‘ and what a perfect metaphor for what they have achieved here; A cheeky kick of something fresh, something different, and more importantly something that lingers beautifully even after it’s gone.

Oya Paya”┬áis out now