Darkness is addictive. We are drawn to it; it’s interesting, exciting, sexy, like the come-hither finger of a mischievous siren.

You’re People, You’re Evil“, the seductive and enthralling dance-lament, hits that neat minimalist spot between pop and art. Addictive chants to creative use of keyboard loops and pensive bass sounds.

Thinkpiece are a “three piece band from London and are part of a group of musicians and artists called NUBRAIN. All the tracks and videos we create are written and produced by us in collaboration in our DIY studios. bedrooms and wherever we can get creative”.

This open and artful form of creation really shows. There is a looseness and openness in it’s delivery and brings to mind the way expressionists approach their canvas.; conjuring wild moods with the simplest of touches and the wild collage of sound evoking ‘You’re People, You’re Evil”s smart and mysterious brand of pop.