When Swedish songwriter and performer Albin Eidhagen sings, it feels like he is confiding in me, in secret, the deepest emotions straight from the heavy heart of a simply natural storyteller.

Starting with a set of woody, earthy acoustic guitar chords, Eidhagan‘s debut single “Run, Run, Run“, this honest and timeless lament knows exactly what works well, what haunting female backing vocal would accompany what lyric, what lap-steel notes convey the higher emotions and where to drop down from the all instruments to the loan, stark and relatable voice.

Contrary to the roots folk style Albin Eidhagen is a pure 21st century artist, not only recording, engineering and mixing his own work, not to mention designing all the artwork, but we are in a time where people need artists who are portraying deep, personal emotions where so much of today is in-personal.

When so many songs have a team of people a song has to filter through, “Run Run Run” is a pure, one persons work. And a fine song it is too. We feel we understand him. So much so that when Eidhagen switches to his native Swedish I feel I understand the meaning and brutal honesty even more.

Run, Run, Run is out now