Dance with me, Mother Fucker“, John Wesley Coleman III snarls on new song ‘Shovel‘. Well it’s to the point isn’t it?

Sounding a little like if Buddy Holly had been on a ten year bender and turned up a dive bar to be given a guitar and an empty stage, Coleman has created what is a totally fun and ball-breaking hit. Starting with the dirtiest guitars you have ever heard, a cacophony of sirens and thunderous drums, Coleman‘s grimy Lou Reed-esque vocals are steady and refreshingly neat amongst the din of controlled noise.

Shovel‘ is the lead single from Coleman‘s latest LP ‘Microwave Dreams‘ on Super Secret Records, which is comprised of a ‘no filler‘ 10 song beauty and a departure from his day job with band The Golden Boys and other solo albums. If it’s anything like “Shovel” it will be addictive, ballsy and a hell of a lot of fun.

Coleman states, “We all try to crawl out of the shit this weird world brings.” So why don’t we just dance….Mother Fuckers.