Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer Cody Crump delivers a beautiful slice of bitter-sweet folk-pop on recent single “Seventeen“. A prolific songwriter with his output, “Seventeen” is one of many stunningly pretty tracks to be found online.

From the album ‘Good Luck‘, the song starts with a wistful and poetic set of guitars, foot-stomps to grow in stature to a colossal wall of acoustic guitars and shakers. Interestingly picked chord structures, and haunting and achingly pretty top lines meet a growing ball of emotion emphasised by Crump‘s breathtaking backing vocal harmonies and arpeggios. Just at the point of climax, Crump drops and we are left with just the stark vocal and guitar. This is a brilliant moment and worth the entire song to wait for.

Elsewhere “Just Another Day” showcases more of Crump‘s majestic composition skills introducing a more electric feel and a quasi-shoegaze sound from the guitars. This is a songwriter who is very self-aware and knows what works in order to get your message across in the simplest and most direct way possible. That’s the mark of a true composer and Crump has it in spades.

Seventeen” and “Just Another Day” are taken from the album ‘Good Luck‘ which is out now. Cody Crump‘s new EP ‘Hola‘ is also now available