Some singing voices you can listen to until the end of time. Alev Lenz‘s ethereal and comforting vocals are both breathtaking and haunting in equal measure. Either way, it is a voice I could listen to forever.

Accompanied by a pensive and colourful piano, Alev‘s words are measured brush strokes of an impressionist painting, the canvas a neat and concise lullaby with inventive percussion and organ.

Currently, on her third album, the critically acclaimed ‘Two Headed Girl‘, German-born Alev Lenz is now London based and signed to MannersMcDade Publishing (Nils Frahm). Since the release of her debut album back in 2009, in her home country of Germany, Alev has kept herself busy with gigs in London (including The Vortex, the hub of the capital’s Avant-jazz and electronic scene), New York and across Germany, as well as composing soundtracks for several high-profile German films, and collaborating with established artists such as Anoushka Shankar and Lucy Claire. Alev’s big breakthrough came last year when her song ‘Fall Into Me’ was used in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror episode, ’Hated In The Nation’.

If love was the ocean, our rivers meet at the sea, if love was a tree, we’re both branches you and me“. This is a strikingly beautiful pro, that circles, never tiresome and yet becoming more poignant as the song progresses it’s controlled rise to a glorious and fragile climax of this wonderful single.

Alev Lenz‘ ‘If Love‘ is a breath of fresh air in composition and a pure talent that has so much originality to offer.