Every now and then we receive something completely unexpected in our mailbox. the debut release from fresh NYC-based duo Killin H8 (AKA Hila The Killa and Sir Kn8) is exactly one of those treats. I don’t think the track’s release date is casual either as we’re starting to pack away our winter clothes and showing a little more skin.

I’m no prude but I readily admit that I did a double-take when I first saw the beautifully shot yet aesthetically non-conforming video. But the more I listened to “Body Hair” the more I fell in love with its awesome indie beat, casually cool delivery and above all the positive message of just doing you and being unafraid of being yourself.

Killin H8 are both independent artists in their own right (Sir Kn8 as a rapper/producer, Hila the Killa as a rapper/comic/performance artist) but it seems that combined they really do bring the best out of one another.

We admire the indie DIY ethic that transpires from their music and can’t wait to hear more material