Zoo Harmonics have already amassed quite a resume for themselves with a reputation for high-octane live shows and tracks with more hooks than a coat rack. Their debut effort “Business In The Front… Party In The Backwas an unabashedly pop-punk burst of fun which saw the band tour across several countries and continents amassing a bit of a cult following.

The Tel Aviv 4-piece are back and for their latest effort Iktelan’ the band has enlisted producer GGGarh Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Biffy Clyro) to stand at the helm. A little bit of his stardust has undoubtedly rubbed off because these new tracks offer a tense and more diverse sound of a band fully confident in its own abilities.

Take lead single “Moving Ridge” as an example which shoots out of the starting blocks at full speed offering an obvious restlessness all along with frontman Dror‘s vocals rising over a metronome-like rhythm section and razor sharp guitar riffs. The track sounds like Audiokarate having a knife fight with Queens Of The Stone Age in a dark alley and if you are a fan of either of those bands then you should check out Zoo Harmonics.

‘Iketan‘ is released internationally in September 2017