There are artists out there who can reflect the world by just being themselves. Producer Asher Parkes is a perfect example of a 21st century artist whose artful and bewitching new single ‘Represent‘ is timeless, intimately delivered poetry put to modern dreamscape of distant echoes and busy beats. This is Keats to a soundtrack of ethereal trip-hop. It is, in short, something quite special.

In three minutes and fifteen seconds, Parkes, with the assistance of co-writer and vocalist Robert Jack evoke a wisdom in a crowd of lost souls, a hymn to the young who’s lives are just beginning. Lyrically, it’s outstanding, it could be scrawled on a wall and be just a poignant. Musically though, this is a lesson in minimalism and class. Parkes‘ beats are concise and necessary, acting as a heartbeat in a fast world we live in.

Raised in Melbourne, now residing in Tel Aviv,​ Asher began at a young age as a composer and multi-instrumentalist, and went on to learn the art of production by collaborating with some of the country’s notable talents, including Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Hiatus Kaiyote, Japanese Wallpaper), Benny Morgan (Cut Copy, Flume) ​and Simon Lam (Kllo, I’lls). ​Following the producer/songwriter’s move to Tel Aviv, Israel,​ the narrative of the EP explores this big change of surroundings, the feeling of being represented only through music, and the natural longing for the familiar.

Don’t compromise on what you believe…Never accept no.” This is a 21st century hymn, and it deserves your full attention.

Represent‘ is the first single from Asher Parkes‘ sophomore EP ‘Don’t Stay‘, out September 2017.