There’s something about listening to the first few notes of a track and the trepidation about not knowing where this story could lead. It is so exciting and rewarding when that artist gets it right and immerses you in their world and leaves heading straight for the repeat button. Retro Kid‘s single ‘Fool‘, is one of those songs.

Preferring to describe themselves with a story rather than a profile, Retro Kid conjure up images of those memories of unbeatable nights in bars with those you hold closest;

“There is a bar in Copenhagen called Holberg No. 19. The barman is an Englishman called Jake Juba. His regulars are the ‘Holberg Crew’ – a bunch of successful mid-life cool cats, who make the Copenhagen cool kids look timid. There is no fixed age to the crew. But they have lived. Jake sees them as ‘Retro kids’ – re-living their earlier years, and still setting the bar to which younger upstarts can only stretch.
…Which is how Retro Kid came to be. Retro Kid offer electronic grooves, but with a melancholy twist to their innate funk. A 909 drum machine provides the bang, leading a wave of sounds. An analogue kit provides the funk. And the vocals drift soulfully on top. The band couple hooks with a restless hit.”

This is the soundtrack of modern life; the warm synthesizers, the distant distorted voices from your past, the modulated post-dub beats that is your life racing forward, and the melancholy haze that creeps through. It is the elation mixed with the sadness. It’s where the best songs lie. ‘Fool‘ does it effortlessly and with a style that is completely their own.